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The properties of snail serum have been the subject of numerous scientific and clinical studies, from which the following characteristics emerge.

Snail Serum is a natural antiseptic with disinfectant power, helps to heal small wounds, reduces inflammation, contains glycolic acid, with recognized anti age properties, contains allantoin, a derivative of uric acid with a moisturizing, soothing and re-epithelising action.

It also contains collagen, elastin, vitamins A, C, E, essential elements for healthy skin.

It is one of the best substances for skin care and regeneration, it contains antioxidants capable of slowing down the aging process, eliminating free radicals. Its protein content is essential to give the skin a healthy, young, toned and radiant appearance.

Useful to soothe skin redness, even from diaper in children, with a strong soothing action, acts with a barrier effect on the skin, reducing the risk of infections caused by pathogens. Adjuvant in the treatment of acne. Improves skin elasticity and blemishes. Significantly reduces scarring and stretch marks. Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy.

Prevents and eliminates premature wrinkles. Prevents the formation of skin blemishes and significantly reduces post-pregnancy, solar or skin aging spots. It has proved effective against warts and leeks.

Recommended in post-surgery treatments to heal quickly and avoid infection formation. Soothing action after sun exposure, refreshes giving relief to the skin and keeps the tan longer without blemishes, ensuring a deep skin hydration.

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Superior Snail Serum Gel is an exraordinary beauty treatment. The gel is composed of 98% pure snail serum, all exclusively from snails bred at our snail farm. The serum has remarkable skin renewal and anti-age properties thanks to its particularly high concentration of glycolic acid and allantoin, as is shown in the technical data details.

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This regenerating treatment of the skin exerts an intense anti-wrinkle action, deeply moisturizing the skin and providing the essential elements for cell renewal. The tensor effect is immediate. After the application you will notice your skin is immediately more relaxed, like with a real facelift. After a few days of treatment, your skin will be visibly brighter because our Snail Serum is rich in Glycolic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Allantoin and Vitamins and contributes significantly to cell renewal, helping the skin to free itself from the old cells and generate new ones. With regular application of this product, you will notice a reduction of wrinkles and dark spots on your skin, which will be more compact, brighter and more relaxed with a clear anti-age effect. Our snail serum helps the skin to clear impurities and acne, as it is a real natural antiseptic that counteracts the impurities of the skin and considerably reduces the scars that acne sometimes produces. The active ingredients in our snail serum play a fundamental role in soothing red skin.

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In the morning, rinse your already perfectly cleansed face with fresh water, apply a small amount of gel over the entire face, especially in the eye contour and lip contour areas, massaging and gently patting. Leave it on the skin for a few minutes, and as soon as the tensor effect has passed, you can apply the Snail Serum Cream or your usual face cream. Our Gel penetrates deeply and quickly into the dermis, leaving your skin dry and radiant. In the evening, spread a more generous veil on your skin and let the Gel act alone. For a more effective treatment, you can then apply our Superior Snail Serum Cream, which is excellent for day and night. Due to the very high concentration of Glycolic Acid, in the summer months, the Gel should be applied only after sun exposure, for a lasting and smooth tan. Our Gel has been dermatologically tested and contains no allergens. In some cases there may be a slight redness after application, which does not constitute an allergic reaction and passes within a few minutes. This effect depends on the absorption rate of the glycolic acid into your skin, whether the pores are dilated or not perfectly clean, or after some treatments that enhance the absorption rate of glycolic acid.

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Try it on insect bites to soothe redness and itching. Apply it on burns, spreading a generous veil several times a day, to help the skin heal and to avoid visible signs of scarring.

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In a cool, dry place away from light and heat sources.


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